bob-clouser-headshotBob Clouser is a household name among fly anglers. A former guide, Clouser is a well-known fly tyer and creator of the Clouser Minnow. He’s on the Advisory Staff of Temple Fork Outfitters and on the pro staff for companies such as Chota Outdoor Gear, Renzetti Vises, and Rio Fly Lines. He’s the author of Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Rivers and Streams and was named Angler of the Year in 2000 by Fly Rod & Reel Magazine. His beginner classes are a great introduction into the sport of fly fishing. He’ll also be lecturing during the festival.

Cameron Cipponeri took up fishing at the ripe old age of 10 in Northern Michigan. After attending Oakland University, he taught fly fishing and fly tying techniques for Bass Pro Shops. He moved to Colorado more than 15 years ago, where he has called Frying Pan Anglers his adopted home. Cameron loves all waters, from small streams to the big waters of the Colorado River. Guided angling trips–both floats and wades–are only one aspect of his guiding experience: Cameron also guides upland bird hunting trips and hosts guide schools, fishing camps, and kids’ clinics.

Native Australian Steve Dally has been a guide on the White River system for ten years. He has fished his way across much of the US, writing about his fishing exploits for publications in the US as well as Australia and New Zealand. A Sage Elite Guide Ambassador and a fly designer for Rainy’s, Steve also manages Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, which in addition to its retail business employs nine guides and covers the White River and Norfork Tailwater and the warmwater fisheries of the Buffalo River and Crooked Creek.

Joe Davis is an avid angler and professional fishing guide. He has a passion for chasing the trophy bass that inhabit Texas’ slow-moving rivers as well as the red drum and other species that dwell in the marshes along the coastline of the Lone Star State. For the last decade he has fished primarily from a small plastic boat and, in recent years, from a NuCanoe Pursuit.

A native of the Texas Hill Country, Lara Ducker has always loved the outdoors. With more than 16 years of fishing experience, her passion for fishing began at young age and grew even more when she discovered fly fishing four years ago. Lara is passionate about instructing newcomers in the quiet sport of fly fishing. She is a sales associate and fly fishing instructor for Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company and also helps with event planning. Lara resides in Dallas, and when she isn’t on the water, she may be found playing with her pup Hadley! Lara will be co-teaching (with Jonathan Rogers) our free Family Fly Fishing Classes (3FC) in coordination with Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, the Official Instructional Sponsor for this year’s festival. These introductory casting classes are also supported in coordination with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation’s TakeMeFishing.org program. Although these high-quality, family-friendly casting classes are free and all gear can be provided,  attendees must reserve spots by emailing Lara (lara@tailwatersflyfishing.com). Please list all interested family members and their ages (children must be at least 12 years old).

Ken Gangler is the owner and manager of Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge. In 1995, recognizing the vast potential of Manitoba’s undeveloped North Seal River watershed–an unexplored angling paradise of more than 5,000,000 acres with 12 remote river systems and over 100 lakes–the Gangler family built from scratch Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge, one of Canada’s finest fly-in resorts. Ken oversaw the operations and development and immediately instituted a Master Management Program with strict catch-and-release policies and rotating waters to preserving the quality of this unique fishery; today the fishing on the North Seal is as amazing as it was 20 years ago. Ganglers has a long-standing relationship with TFO and is Manitoba’s only Orvis endorsed outfitter. Now a veteran outfitter of 32 years, Ken’s favorite fly angling pursuits include saltwater flats, Michigan’s Pere Marquette River, and Ken’s beloved North Seal. His particular specialty is landing big Northern pike on a fly rod. In fact, when Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallot, and Bob Clouser want to catch pike, they call Ken!

Colorado native Cole Glenn has called Durango home for 12 years. He began fly fishing as a youngster; that youthful endeavor has become a lifelong passion for Glenn, who has years of experience fishing across Colorado, a deep commitment to the quiet sport, and a wealth of knowledge about fly angling that he is eager to pass on to others. Cole is eager to teach novices everything they need to know to effectively fly fish Southwest Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Jon Hooper is the General Manager of the South Holston River Lodge as well as the lodge’s fishing program manager. Originally from Upstate New York, Jon grew up fishing the Great Lake tributaries and the Catskills; today he calls the Southeast his home. Jon has guided clients from Alaska to New York, putting thousands of anglers on fish. If you’ve ever thought of taking on the wild browns of the South Holston River in East Tennessee, then Jon Hooper is the man to see.

kevin-howellKevin Howell has been guiding the streams of Western North Carolina since the early ‘80s and hails from a long line of avid fly anglers; both his father and his uncle were well-known fly tyers and custom rod builders. Kevin himself is a well-respected fly tyer and Signature Fly Designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants whose patterns have been featured in multiple publications like Eastern Fly Fishing, Fish and Fly, and Fly Fisherman. He’s currently serving as a member of the Sage, Redington, and RIO dealer advisory council. He’s also the owner of Davidson River Outfitters located in Brevard, North Carolina. Howell has authored The Southeast Fly Guide, a hatch book designed to help Southern trout anglers understand what flies to use when. He also completed the book Tying and Fishing Southern Appalachian Trout Flies, which his father started before he passed away in 1998.  His latest book is The Fifty Best Places to Fly Fish Southeast. Although his fishing career began in North Carolina, Howell fishes often and well with Andes Drifters in the far reaches of Patagonia where he leads multiple trips a year in search of big trout and golden dorado.

Filippo InvernizziFilippo Invernizzi, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Avalon Outdoor, a specialized tourism enterprise founded in 1992 and located in Cuba. Originally from Italy, Filippo has dedicated most of his life to managing and promoting sustainable fly fishing. In Cuba, he was among the first to make the business case for conservation with the marine protected area of Gardens of the Queen and 5 more Marine parks. After a quarter of a century and many successful projects, Cuba is now a reference in the industry for a new business model based on respect and protection rather than maximise profits only, real possibilities for the next generation and endless conservation programs to keep untouched the Marine parks ecosystem. Fly fishing has the best results of this constant effort to protect all natural resources and the the proof is Cuba with every year increasing the quality of its fishing. All the goals are achieved with the effort of many people and organisations inside the fishing industry and the last and most ambitious one was becoming a reality this 2017 with the declaration of the first Nation world wide to create in all its Marine Parks a fly fishing Sanctuary. Avalon, Fly fishing the Run and others Cuban entities are among some of the many people involved in this amazing project, come to the presentation and learn more about all of this and how you can help coming down to Cuba with simply fishing the Parks.

ed-javowoskiEd Jaworowski is passionate about fly casting. The author of The Cast and Troubleshooting the Cast, among other fly fishing books, Ed is an excellent instructor who connects well with his students regardless of their skill level. He is currently on the Temple Fork Outfitters Advisory Staff, and his Intermediate to Advanced Casting Class is just what you’ll need to take your casting skills to the next level. Ed also recently collaborated with his mentor Lefty Kreh to create a new casting DVD called The Complete Cast: Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Fly Casting.

cj-brown1-1-11-01Chad Johnson has guided on the White River system for 10 years. He is a Simms Guide Ambassador, TFO pro staffer, and RIO pro. As the Head Guide for Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, Chad guides more than 200 days a year and is widely acknowledged as one of the best streamer guides in the country by high-profile streamer gurus like Blane Chocklett and Kelly Galloup. He is an Umpqua fly designer and an innovative and award-winning fly tyer who is sought after for his outstanding fly tying demonstrations. Chad’s laid-back Mississippi accent and style make him a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.

lefty-krehLefty Kreh is doubtless the best-known fly angler of our time. He is considered the father of modern fly fishing, and his best-selling books are considered by many to be fly fishing bibles. His countless magazine articles and approachable demeanor have brought thousands of new devotees to the quiet sport of fly fishing. Lefty is no less than a living legend in the fly fishing world–and yet he makes time to speak and listen attentively to anyone who approaches him.

david-leakeDavid Leake has nearly fifteen years of experience in the fly fishing travel and retail industry. In addition to being the owner of the company, David manages the travel department at Tailwaters  David has traveled throughout the world developing the companies travel offerings. These destinations include, but are not limited to, Alaska, Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Seychelles, Venezuela, and of course all through the United States. David is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and has three children, Lynsie, Patrick, and Sam, with his wife, Melissa.

stacy-lynnStacy Lynn is a name familiar to Lone Star State fly anglers. For the better part of two decades Stacy has worked in or been associated with the fly fishing industry in various roles. She’s a proud graduate of Joan Wulff’s Fly Casting Instructors Course and is a Certified Casting Instructor for the International Federation of Fly Fishers. She has served as a volunteer Lead Instructor for the Texas Casting for Recovery Program and been a co-organizer for the Lydia Ann Fly Masters saltwater fly fishing tournament, which benefits Casting For Recovery. Stacy is passionate about saltwater fly fishing, and in particular enjoys sight casting to redfish and tarpon. She has been a past speaker at the Shallow Water Show, several FFF events, and Oktoberfisch. She currently serves as the general manager of Bayou City Angler, Houston’s only full-service independent fly shop. Her class on saltwater fly angling is not to be missed.

tom-melvinTom Melvin is the Director of Sales for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a fly fishing based travel agency focusing on destination angling worldwide. When not in the office or traveling, Tom can be found fishing one of the many backcountry streams Montana has to offer or sitting at the vise tying up some new creations. Over his years with Yellow Dog, Tom has traveled extensively throughout both fresh and saltwater destinations around the globe, and oversees the Yellow Dog sales team and the 180 plus destinations Yellow Dog works with worldwide.

In 1978, an 18-year old Mike Mercer became the first employee of The Fly Shop, at that time a rag-tag, one-room hole-in-the-wall with a few hundred flies and a couple rod outfits for sale. For much of the 80’s and 90’s Mike was The Fly Shop’s retail store manager, overseeing the first boom years of the shop as the national catalog business grew exponentially. As he began to guide on Northern California’s Hat Creek and Fall River, his reputation as a revered and highly skilled angler grew. In his twenties, Mike began to publish an ever-expanding number of fly patterns; his “Poxyback” mayfly and stonefly nymphs, “Z-wing” caddis series, and myriad dry fly, sculpin, leech, and mouse patterns quickly became standard trout-getters all over the West, and later abroad. Since then a generation of fly anglers has grown up on Mike’s regular articles in Fly Fisherman and his best-selling book Creative Fly Tying (2005). Mike began to make annual pilgrimages to Alaska, solidifying many of the partnerships with Alaskan outfitters that The Fly Shop proudly maintains today. In the late 90’s, Mike began to travel more extensively and further afield–to Chile, Argentina, Tierra Del Fuego, Kamchatka, New Zealand, and all around the tropical saltwater world. Simply put, no one knows more about fishing Alaska and Chile than Mike Mercer, period. Meet Mike at the Featured Tyers booth at this year’s Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival!

bonefish-okeefeBrian O’Keefe has grafted together two of his passions, fly fishing and photography–and he excels at both. He sold his first fly fishing photo at the ripe old age of 16. Since then his fly fishing travels and camera have taken him to distant destinations like Tonga, Bikini Atoll, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Kashmir, England, Brazil, Nicaragua, and many more. Brian’s work has appeared in publications like Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Outside Magazine, as well as various newspapers, tackle catalogs, books, and websites. He’s an International Federation of Fly Fishers.  Certified Master Casting Instructor, and while he fishes all over the world, he still enjoys fishing the Metolius, Deschutes, Crooked, and John Day rivers near his home in Powell Butte, Oregon.

Mark Palovik has been fishing most of his life, mainly in freshwater. He’s been active in the kayak fishing community for just over 7 years, working with multiple manufacturers. This experience has given him a broad knowledge base, which allows him to understand various kayaks and how they might best meet the demand of any paddler. Palovik and his wife are both active members of the Dallas Fly Fishers and are technical representatives for Hobie Kayaks.

Dave Potts has been an avid fly fisherman for most of his life. He’s fished the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts, Alaska, Montana, Colorado–and the list just keeps going. Dave does most of his fishing from a kayak now, and his experiences have helped him become one of the most versatile kayak fishing experts you’ll ever meet.

Native Texan Jonathan Rogers grew up fishing all over North Texas but began fly fishing in 2007 while at flight school. He was the fishing manager of The Orvis Company Dallas store before becoming the director of education and event planning for Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, the festival’s Official Instructional Sponsor. Jonathan is responsible for initiating Tailwaters’ Complete Cast education program; when he isn’t teaching in the shop, he is helping customers pick out gear, coaching younger fly fishing enthusiasts, or fishing with his wife in the mountains. Always in search of the next big adventure, on any given day Jonathan might be found catching bull redfish in Louisiana or large alligator gar right behind Tailwaters’ new shop. Jonathan will be co-teaching (with Lara Ducker) our free Family Fly Fishing Classes (3FC) in coordination with Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company, the Official Instructional Sponsor for this year’s festival. These introductory casting classes are also supported in coordination with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation’s TakeMeFishing.org program. Although these high-quality, family-friendly casting classes are free and all gear can be provided, attendees must reserve spots by emailing Jonathan (jonathan@tailwatersflyfishing.com). Please list all interested family members and their ages (children must be at least 12 years old).

Tom Rosenbauer has been a fly fisher for 50 years and was a commercial fly tier by age 14. He has fished extensively across North America as well as Christmas Island, the Bahamas, Belize, Kamchatka, Chile, and English’s fabled chalk streams. He is credited with bringing Bead-Head flies to North America and is the inventor of the Big Eye hook, Magnetic Net Retriever, and tungsten beads for fly tying. Rosenbauer has about 20 fly fishing books in print, including The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide; Reading Trout Streams; Prospecting for Trout; Casting Illusions; Fly-Fishing in America; Approach and Presentation; Trout Foods and Their Imitations; Nymphing Techniques; Leaders, Knots, and Tippets; The Orvis Guide to Dry-Fly Techniques; The Orvis Fly Fishing Encyclopedia; and The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide, which won a 2001 National Outdoor Book Award. Salt, his collaboration with photographer Andy Anderson, also won a National Outdoor Book Award in 2014. He has also been published in Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Catalog Age, Fly Fisherman, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics, Fly Rod & Reel, Audubon, Men’s Journal, and others. His latest book, The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fishing, was published in March 2011. Tom is the writer and narrator of “The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide Podcast,” one of the top outdoor podcasts on iTunes. While famed as a writer and speaker, Tom has worked for the Orvis Company for 40 years.

Frank Smethurst’s fishing career began when he was just a toddler, handlining flounder and mackerel in Penobscot Bay. At 12 he was sweeping floors, tying custom flies, and learning the ropes of both fishing and business at the Fish Hawk Fly and Tackle Shop in Atlanta, still the largest fly shop east of the Mississippi. Frank has lived and guided in Colorado since 1988, travelling the world to fish, guide, teach, and make innovative films and TV shows. These films helped create the genre of adventure flyfishing comedy and set the stage for the Flyfishing Film Tour to come. Along the way, Frank has competed in and won numerous fishing tournaments such as The GoPro Outdoor Games, The Caddis Cup, The Denver Carp Slam, and the Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Masters regionals both times they were held. In 2005 he beat out almost one thousand other competitors from around the country to win the Flyfishing Masters on the Outdoor Life Network. We’re honored to have Frank teach our introductory class to spey casting at this year’s festival. This method of casting is growing in popularity, and we are pleased to have Frank make this specialty class available to us.

Mike Sprague is founder and CEO of Trout Headwaters, Inc., (THI), the nationwide ecological restoration design/build firm based in Montana’s Paradise Valley. For more than 20 years at THI, Mike has helped to advance river, wetland, and habitat restoration projects and technologies, making THI an industry leader in the field of ecologically sustainable restoration. Mike is an avid fly fisherman who was guiding in 1995 when a fishing client asked if Mike could repair his stream. Thus was THI born. Since then, THI’s multidisciplinary approach to habitat creation, restoration, and enhancement services has served a broad range of private and government clients across the United States. Mike has taught training courses and workshops on sustainable restoration and ecological assessment for numerous federal agencies, restoration associations, and NGOs.

In the fly fishing business for over 20 years, Kevin Stubbs was trained as a guide on the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers near Aspen and has also guided saltwater trips on Baffin Bay and the Laguna Madre in South Texas. After spending many seasons guiding in Colorado and South Texas, Stubbs moved to Seattle and began working at a media firm representing hunting and fishing magazines and TV shows, including Orvis Sporting Lives on ESPN2, Fly Fish TV, Sportsmen’s Travel Guide, and others. He worked in marketing for Scientific Anglers, handling new product development and advertising/public relations, until he left in 2001 to resume guiding and outfitting–and to start Expedition Outfitters, offering fly fishing trips on the Devils, Guadalupe, San Marcos, Llano, and Rio Grande Rivers in Southwest Texas. Expedition Outfitters is also developing a new “fly-in destination” in British Columbia’s Northern Rockies.

m-tayloeIn addition to guiding for several outfitters in Colorado and spending his winters guiding for Lakutaia Heli Fishing in Patagonia, Mike Tayloe has an unusual asterisk on his resume: For two decades he has been a paramedic focused on remote and wilderness medicine, which has taken him all over the world. As the co-founder and director of operations of Katabatic Consulting and  Finns West,  Tayloe has provided remote medical services from Mount Everest to Antarctica and taught custom wilderness first aid courses for lodges, guides, and anglers from Patagonia to the Bahamas. Tayloe also works closely with Conterra, which for nearly three decades has provided quality handcrafted, American-made equipment designed by rescuers for rescuers and their patients in emergency medical and fire departments across the country. Festival attendees should consider themselves quite fortunate: The highly sought-after Tayloe will show them just what to do if they find themselves in a difficult situation streamside. Don’t miss this class!

Kayaking since the mid ‘60s, Aris Tsamis has seen decades of equipment and evolution in the sport. As the owner/operator of Mariner Sails for 30 years, he has witnessed almost every innovation in kayak fishing. From kayak fishing’s humble beginnings to today’s impressive fishing kayaks, Aris will help you determine if fishing from a kayak is right for you.

wanda-taylorWanda Taylor’s unparalleled casting skills are the reason she teaches casting classes; her Southern charm and affability are the reason we ask her back year after year. Wanda was recently inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame at the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians. She is the first female Certified Master Casting Instructor recognized by the International Federation of Fly Fishers. Wanda is one of the best casters in the country and teaches our “Beginner Fly Fishing Class” at the festival. She will also be a panelist on our “Ask An Outdoor Woman” panel, held each day. Wanda is on the Advisory Staff for Temple Fork Outfitters and lectures widely across the country.

Joshua Walker is the general manager of Mountain Sports, a 45-year-family-owned specialty outdoor retail shop in Arlington, TX. Joshua’s career in outdoor retail began 17 years ago, and after graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington he took on additional roles as a husband and father. Since he was knee-high, Joshua’s main passion in life has been fishing, which he has done out of his kayak or his waders for the last 10 years. Be sure to stop by his booth and check out the new Mayfly created by Jackson Kayak, specifically for fly anglers.

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