Festival T-Shirts

Anyone who fishes in the Lone Star State knows that warm water fly fishing abounds. Few fish hold the allure of largemouth bass which populates nearly every corner of the state. For our very first Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival T-shirt we’ve featured the work of well-known angling artist Dave Whitlock.

Though Dave couldn’t be with us this year due to a prior commitment, he was more than willing to have his artwork grace our festival T-shirts. As fly anglers ourselves, we know the importance of comfortable clothes while on the stream; our high-quality festival T-shirts are just the thing to wear on a spring day.

We love fly angling for just about every species of fish—from farm pond bluegills to trout on the famed Guadalupe River, to fishing for tailing red fish on the Galveston Bay. There’s a lot to fish for in Texas, but we believed that our first festival T-shirt should pay homage to the venerable largemouth bass, and so have selected that species to highlight for our inaugural event.

Each year we plan on crafting a new festival T-shirt—and each year we hope you’ll spend your hard-earned money to take it home with you. When you wear our shirts, you become an ambassador not just for the Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival but for Texas fishing itself.

To see more of Dave Whitlock’s amazing artwork check him out at davewhitlock.com. Thank you.



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