Festival T-Shirts

Our 2nd Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival T-Shirt

We love fly angling the Lone Star State for just about every species of fish—from farm pond bluegills, to trout on the famed Guadalupe River, to Galveston Bay redfish. This year’s Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival T-Shirt features a beautiful redfish making its way toward some of its favorite prey: shrimp! Reds are fierce fighters on the Texas Coast. If you haven’t landed one on a fly yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Rectify that situation: book a guided trip right here at the festival!

As fly anglers ourselves, we know the importance of comfortable clothes while fishing; our high-quality festival t-shirts are just the thing to wear on a spring day.

Each year we will craft a new festival t-shirt—and each year we hope you’ll spend your hard-earned money to take it home with you. When you wear our t-shirts, you become an ambassador not just for the Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival but for Texas fishing itself.

You can pick up a festival t-shirt during the festival weekend–but why wait? Instead, consider ordering a shirt in advance and wearing it to the festival. Take a look at this year’s stellar design right HERE.

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