Festival Classes

Pat Dorsey-Browntrout-Nicols
Photo by Jay Nichols

Paid Classes for Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival 2023

Each year the Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival fields a slate of the very best regional and national instructors, who share their wealth of knowledge with our attendees. Most of our classes are included with admission (as are complimentary beer tastings for those 21 and older). Some of our classes are quite large and lecture-based; others are small and hands-on. All classes are taught indoors on the festival grounds.by experts in their fields.

Alongside our high-quality offerings that come free with paid admission, the 2023 Texas Fly & Brew will feature the following paid classes:

Beyond the Cast Women’s Fly Fishing Symposium: A two-day course featuring multiple instructors (Beginners are welcome!)

Reading the Water: Tom Rosenbauer

Fly Fishing Tailwaters: Pat Dorsey

Matching the Hatch: More than Simply Choosing a Fly: Tom Rosenbauer

Beginner Fly Tying: Jim Bensinger

Intermediate to Advanced Saltwater Fly Tying: Allan Rupp

Beginner Casting Classes: Rex Walker

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