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2021 Texas Fly Fishing Festival Class Descriptions Paid/Free

A variety of both paid and free classes will be offered at this year’s 4th Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival. Unless otherwise noted, all classes and lectures mentioned in the festival program are included in the admission fee. All casting classes are held outside. Class room sizes have been significantly increased to ensure social distancing.

Free Classes

Free Walk Up Casting classes are offered twice a day at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM at the Fly Fishers International Texas Council booth. This class is limited to 6 students at a time, but more may be accommodated if logistics allow. Meet at the FFI-Texas Council Booth 10 minutes prior to class to register. Attendees are also encouraged to spend time at the various flyting booths where they can receive free demonstrations and instruction on that aspect of the sport.

Paid Classes

Beginners Fly Casting with Rex Walker (Limit 6) This co-ed class is for beginners with little to no experience in fly fishing. Students will learn all the basic mechanics of fly casting. The lecture portion of the class is done in a groups; each student will receive individual instruction. Students should bring their own rods; rods can be provided with advance notice if needed. The class will meet just outside the of the admissions/ticket counter. All classes will be held outside regardless of the weather. The class cost is $75, maximum of 6 students, this class doesn’t include admissions.

Class held 9:30-11:00 AM. Check availability by clicking here.

New Class! Master’s Class: Fishing Tailwaters (Limit 12) Tailwater fisheries provide anglers with a dependable four-season fishery that affords anglers with consistent flows, clear water, large populations of trout, and reliable hatches. Learn the tactics and techniques to successfully master these year-round waters. A detailed discussion on dams, tailwater benefits, entomology, matching the hatch, fly selection, rigging rods, reading the water, presentation and much more are included in this class. While this is a class designed for more experienced anglers, new fly anglers would also benefit. All materials for the course will be provided, and no fly casting is involved. Students will meet at the Specialty Instruction Lecture Area. This class has limited seating to ensure social distancing, and once purchased no refunds will be offered.  Please print out your receipt and bring it to the festival.

Class held: 10:00-11:50 AM Saturday & Sunday: Check availability by clicking here.

New Class! Bourbon & Bass Bugs with Treaty Oak Distillery (Limit 14). Did you know that all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon? Sponsored by Treaty Oak Distilling and Flymen Fishing Company, our unique, two-part course is designed for adults 21 and over interested in how distilled spirits (and bourbon in particular) are made. The first part of this class is taught by Master Distiller Phillip Dormont of Treat Oaks. Students will learn about distilled spirits and taste three Texas bourbons during her lecture. The second part of this class will discuss a few specialty bass bugs that Southwestern anglers will find eminently effective. It will be taught by Kristian Cole, resident fly expert at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company of Dallas, Texas. At the end of the class, students will take home these same patterns to “test” on their local waters. All materials for the course will be provided. Students will meet at the Specialty Instruction Lecture Area. This class has limited seating to ensure social distancing, and once purchased no refunds will be offered.  Please print out your receipt and bring it to the festival.

Class held 1:00-2:30 PM Check availability by clicking here.

New Class!  Hunt for Trophy Trout with Landon Mayer (Limit 12) This two-hour-long, small-group intensive is for anglers with a passion for trout. While geared with trout anglers in mind, the information in this course can also be applied to many other species that wading anglers may encounter Guiding clients on trout water more than 200 days a year, Mayer knows every tip and trick to bring finicky trout to hand. Students will learn everything they need to know to begin trout fishing, including:

(1)  where to enter a waterway and how to wade;

(2)  how any fly angler can successfully approach any cold water fishing situation, from large rivers to shallow water lakes;

(3)  what NOT to do when fishing for trout; and

(4)  how to select the appropriate fly.

Class held: 2:00-3:50 PM Saturday & Sunday: Check availability by clicking here.

New Class! Fly Fishing the Republic of Texas (Limit 12) The historic Republic of Texas spanned from the current Texas border, northward into New Mexico, Colorado, and even Wyoming.  This unique presentation will take you on a fly fishing journey that begins in the heart of the Texas hill country and winds up in the high country of Colorado, with numerous stops along the way.  Chris will show you how to chase local species in small Texas streams and creeks and how to take those same tactics to the high elevations of Colorado and New Mexico in pursuit of native cutthroat trout!  Fishing the creeks of central Texas is an excellent way to hone your trout creek skills before heading out West.  One of the largest mistakes fly anglers make when fishing Texas’ numerous creeks is failing to fish them as carefully as they would a western trout stream.  So, from Rio Grande Cichlids to Rio Grande Cutthroat, this presentation will help you tie all the techniques together and might just inspire you to fly fish the Republic of Texas in a brand new way!

Class held 9:30 AM-10:50 AM Saturday Only : Check availability by clicking here.

New Class! Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River  (Limit 12) The Guadalupe River is Texas’ only year-round trout fishery and is ranked as one of the top 100 trout streams in the United States!  While at times it fishes very similarly to western tailwaters, the Guadalupe would not be truly Texan if it were not just a little bit different.  Have you ever caught a striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, sunfish, and rainbow trout in the same trip?  It can happen on the Guadalupe!  Chris has guided this special fishery since 2008 and often fishes the river outside of the unofficial “winter trout season.”  This presentation will focus primarily on teaching you how to effectively target rainbow and brown trout on the Guadalupe.  Chris will cover fly selection, reading the water, entomology, perfecting your presentation, fishing different flow rates, and much more.  Whether you are a first time Texas trout angler or a Guadalupe veteran, you will learn something from this presentation focused on our TU chapter’s home water.

Class held 9:30 AM-10:50 AM Sunday Only : Check availability by clicking here.

New Class! Just for Women: The Independent Fly Angler (Limit 12) Brand new to fly fishing? Somewhat experienced on the water but still hesitant to go it all alone? Karlie Roland hears you–and she’s here to help. In this women-only specialty class you will learn to maximize your independent angling potential! Learn how to adjust your own rig and tie specialty knots like the perfection loop, blood, double surgeon’s, and clinch. Roland covers leaders, tippets, nylon versus fluorocarbon, and how to make adjustments in each for maximum on-the-water efficiency.  Students will learn what gear they need when they’re fishing alone. They’ll understand how to read a hatch chart and match the hatch. Her class is targeted first and foremost to new anglers, but Karlie Roland’s experience on the Henry’s Fork–among the West’s most technical trout rivers–has honed her fishing skills to a razor’s edge; so even advanced anglers will learn something new.  This women-only class is suitable for both fresh and saltwater anglers.

Refunds must be requested in writing 30 days in advance of the festival. All other refund requests will be honored in the form of credit for the following year.

This class does not include admission to the festival but does include all teaching materials, a take-home knot guide, nippers, and a complimentary one-year new membership subscription to Trout Unlimited.   

Class held 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Saturday & Sunday : Check availability by clicking here.

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