New Class! Fly Fishing the Republic of Texas (Limit 12)

Chris Johnson-Big BassThe historic Republic of Texas spanned from the current Texas border, northward into New Mexico, Colorado, and even Wyoming.  This unique presentation will take you on a fly fishing journey that begins in the heart of the Texas hill country and winds up in the high country of Colorado, with numerous stops along the way.  Chris will show you how to chase local species in small Texas streams and creeks and how to take those same tactics to the high elevations of Colorado and New Mexico in pursuit of native cutthroat trout!  Fishing the creeks of central Texas is an excellent way to hone your trout creek skills before heading out West.  One of the largest mistakes fly anglers make when fishing Texas’ numerous creeks is failing to fish them as carefully as they would a western trout stream.  So, from Rio Grande Cichlids to Rio Grande Cutthroat, this presentation will help you tie all the techniques together and might just inspire you to fly fish the Republic of Texas in a brand new way! For more info go to

Class held 9:30 AM-10:50 AM Saturday Only : Check availability by clicking here.