Meet Fly Tyer editor, author Dave Klausmeyer

fly tyerReading the experts is one thing. Meeting them is another. The Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival brings you face to face with those who have shaped every aspect of this modern, quiet sport.

Enjoy fly tying? Then you’ll want to sit down across the vise from Dave Klausmeyer, Editor of Fly Tyer for nearly two decades. He wrote the book on fly tying – more than a dozen of them, actually.

Dave has won numerous writing awards – and he also happens to be a heck of a nice guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously: “This isn’t rocket science,” Dave insists. “We’re just lashing fur and feathers of dead animals to hooks. If I can do it, so can you.”

The Fly Tyer is the go-to magazine for step-by-step fly tying instructions, and also includes articles about the history of the sport, and new tools and patterns, helping you improve your game. Its wide appeal to novice and expert fly fishermen has made it one of the largest magazines on the subject. Sign up to receive your copy here. Meet Dave Klausmeyer and countless other fly fishing and fly tying experts at the 2019 Texas Fly & Brew Festival.