New Class! Just for Women: The Independent Fly Angler (Limit 12)

Karlie RolandBrand new to fly fishing? Somewhat experienced on the water but still hesitant to go it all alone? Karlie Roland hears you – and she’s here to help.

In this women-only specialty class you will learn to maximize your independent angling potential! Learn how to adjust your own rig and tie specialty knots like the perfection loop, blood, double surgeon’s, and clinch. Roland covers leaders, tippets, nylon versus fluorocarbon, and how to make adjustments in each for maximum on-the-water efficiency.  Students will learn what gear they need when they’re fishing alone. They’ll understand how to read a hatch chart and match the hatch. Her class is targeted first and foremost to new anglers, but Karlie Roland’s experience on the Henry’s Fork–among the West’s most technical trout rivers–has honed her fishing skills to a razor’s edge; so even advanced anglers will learn something new.  This women-only class is suitable for both fresh and saltwater anglers.

Refunds must be requested in writing 30 days in advance of the festival. All other refund requests will be honored in the form of credit for the following year.

This class does not include admission to the festival but does include all teaching materials, a take-home knot guide, nippers, and a complimentary one-year new membership subscription to Trout Unlimited.   

Class held 11:00 AM-12:30 PM Saturday & Sunday : Check availability by clicking here.